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2023 Update

Last time I wrote I was reviewing 2022 and about to go into the studio to record album number three with Josh Clark of Get Real Audio. His new studio at Rockley Park is magnificent. We made a start but quickly realised I wasn’t ready. I think what happened over the Summer with my dad’s illness and death affected my thinking. Josh was very understanding of course and we postponed. The good thing is that I am going back for another try. A day at a time, in September and am definitely ready with some new songs.

I have been working with a digital PR company to try and up my online presence. Has to be done. So do check out my TikTok and Instagram

Not viral but building. Mind you a few months ago I was double hacked and had to abandon my previous Instagram accounts. Really annoying but less painful than an actual mugging!

Note there is no ‘S’ on the end of my new address.

I have had some new publicity photos done too. Although Sara Vian took some fabulous snaps last year, I was still using the studio shots that Bob Whitfield took ten years ago. So I went back for an update.

I have had a great Summer. Early in the season, the talented Sara Vian came with me to sing harmonies and we had a wild old time at The South Cerney Street Fair. There was a duck race involved. The sun shone and we had a great time.

I have been on the road too, going all the way to The Jenny Lind in Hastings to play a gig. I fell in love with the place. Some dear friends, Denise and Hugh, from Wiltshire came down for a jolly to the seaside and to hear me and Gabriel Moreno ..more on that later. I played my gig a bit too full of sunshine, fish and chips, ice cream and friendship. The very talented Jason McNiff runs a songwriters evening there and he has built a warm, appreciative audience. So thank you and I will be going back.

After that I took my satiated self to Brockley in London for a return gig at Folk in the Garden. Again, a joy and thanks to Bo Bodium for creating such a glorious event as part of the Brockley Festival. I was so stoked to be asked to play at the Priddy festival too this Summer. I had a half hour set in the Fringe tent. After all the glorious sunshine, that Saturday the weather broke. It tipped down all day. Seems there is nothing so sad as a soggy morris dancer! I played in a full tent though...rain pelting down on the roof. Have to admit my flip flops were not up to the job. Wellies Sue wellies for British festivals!

Since, then there have been many Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset gigs. The double headliners with Gabriel Moreno and Ned Cartwright have been special. I am a massive fan of Gabriel’s music and poetry and Ned is such a musician. I need a Ned of my own really. We call ourselves, The Troubadour Bandits because it sounds dangerous and somewhat risque for folk so why not? Those gigs were magical. Troubadour Bandits will ride again in early October. There are three dates and you can get tickets from Eventbrite.

I am so grateful for the support I have received. From the people who connect with my songs and tell me so, to the inspiring musicians who are now part of my world. and to all the radio DJs and acoustic and folk club people who create the scene. Thank you. As a solo performer who writes her own songs, there is limited opportunity to play out and be heard. I’m getting there. Occasionally I think I should do covers and get a band together but then, life really is short. There isn’t time to do everything and I am not sure that the world needs another Saturday night pub band with me in it! So I am spending much of my time writing songs and learning to perform them. This is what takes me to the place..

Hope to see you in a tent, bar, village hall, cafe somewhere soon.

Sue xx

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