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Darkling Lyrics

1 clovelly.jpg


II took my love by his hand
We walked the steep paths down to the sea
Through the deep green woods
To the shingle and sand
And the rocks in the harbour
Of salt sweet Clovelly

He said by the rocks, I will build you a home
High up on the cliffs and safe from the sea
With my own strong hands
Out of driftwood and stones
That I carry from the shores
Of salt sweet Clovelly

For you are my queen of light and of air
And I your love from over the sea
When I bring you wild pearls
And shells for your hair
We will sit and weave sails for
The ships of Clovelly

I wish we could sit and eat dreams by the shore
Me and my love who longs for the sea
With a warm wind behind us
We'd come once more
To the green paths and steep ways
Of salt sweet Clovelly

When the sun comes out after days of grey
And England's a jewel in the whispering sea
In a greeny blue shimmering
Down by the bay
My love he goes fishing
By the shores of Clovelly

Oh my love he goes fishing
By the shores of Clovelly.

3 new moon_edited.jpg

New Moon

There's a new moon rising up in the sky
Your funny old love is passing me by
Her silver smile like a sideways spoon
A slice of the unknown as fine as a wishbone

You filled up our nights right to the brim
With the terrible beauty of breakable things
With teacups and featherbones and blossom in the spring
The soft dark dust on a moth's wing
On a moth's wings

You're too mad to be mine
Too sad to be mine
Too bad you're not mine
Just send me a sign send me a sign

There's a new moon dancing high up above
The roof tops and chimneys your imperfect love
Was never enough Was never enough
Was never enough ohhhhh

Your'e too mad to be mine
Too sad to be mine
Too bad you're not mine
Just send me a sign send me a sign
Just send me a sign

Wake up on a new day, look out on the town
Just like the new moon you can't pull me down
You can't pull me down.

5 silver and dust_edited.jpg

Silver and Dust

She waited at the crossroads, under a burning sky
Her Gibson in a case,
Tears drying on her face
As a travelling man he came by.

They spoke of insurrection; he said tell me why you're wild
Come throw down your bones
On these high dry wide stones
And tell me your dreams my honey child.

I saw seven black birds flying, dark against the grain.
I was blind but I could see
A lonesome, leafless tree
Still standing on the empty plain.

I saw Bluebeard in his castle he was trying to hide his face
He never knew
That his beard was so blue
From the killing he had done in that place.

I saw my tender lover sleeping, like a lily under the hill
All dressed in green
The cruel covetous queen
Of dark dreams, oh she has him still.

Girl the cavalry ain't coming got to catch your starry crown
Go look for grace
in the most broken place
As your towers come a tumbling down

And the traveller he set he down and he left in a cloud of dust
She fixed her eyes on
The shining horizon
And she thought about a great red river like rust

She thought about silver hidden deep down in the dust
She thought about, what beauty there is, in the broken and the lost.

7 old smokey's lullaby_edited.jpg

Old Smokey's Lullaby

If it's a blossom you're looking for,
Oh my darling be so careful what you do.
Perhaps you can't rightly tell any more
How I am not like you.

She says, the bone white winds they call
And you can't come with me.
I'm leaving for the high dry places
And desert territory.

Your stubborn old heart it still follows her;
She has so many homes.
Then you find the same old marrow
running through the same old bones.

Just when you think you have it
And all that glory can't be far,
You'll find my soul as subtle as
The remotest ice bound star.

Come sundown you might catch a rustling,
As dusk makes sweet love to the dark.
Does it mind you of my silks and satins a whispering
To your weary hungry heart?

Or you might find yourself surrounded
When your blood's too tired to leap,
In a drift of sandalwood and woodsmoke,
As you fall so sweetly into sleep.


If you want me, you'll find me in the night she says.
I'm everywhere you've ever been.
I'm every heartache you could not keep
That calls you like smoke in the wind,

That calls you like smoke in the wind.
Don't it call to you like smoke in the wind?

9 hydra_edited.jpg


I think I'm still searching for Paradise
Looking to learn some things about love
If we could go through that open window
Back to the house where we once kept a dove

This journey began with a map and a man
We never meant to get this confused
Sunlight poured down and we loved everyone
We thought flowers like us couldn't bruise

A heart that wide has to go with the tide
Your stories oh they burned up the dark
In the white hot light of the world's spotlight
While your children they were building an ark

Paradise of that kind was so easy to find
It was you who said beauty and pain are the same
If we murdered a dove to find out about love
If I could I would do it all again.
If I could I would do it all the same

If I could I would do it all the same.

11 the dryad's love song_edited.jpg

The Dryad's Love Song

Meet me by the river
As the lights are coming on
I'll wait until you get there
In the coolness of the evening
Where twilight lasts for ever
And the dust day is done
And the dusty day is done.

When you find me waiting
I will show you every thing I know
About the willowy flow
In the deep brown pools
Running sweet and slow
Where the lazy trout lie sleeping
If you like I'll show you where the ripples go
I'll show you where the ripples go.

Won't you wait until the sun
Is almost done
See my moths wing the darkening blue
Come to me my lovely one
My leafy green arms are waiting
When you come I'll light my stars for you
How they shine for you
When you come I'll light my stars for you

2 fallen.jpg


For an angel's breath you held me
Like I was something found
repeat chord sequence
Soft like a feather falling
Down to the ground
repeat chord sequence

Your last fingertip caress
Tender as a fern uncurled
Like dream dust we crumble
Back into the world

Drowning in a starry sea
We don't make a sound
How we break: how we tumble
Back into the world

Like Heaven's tears we're fallen
And I can't find your face
How we grieve: how we stumble
In this stony place

4 catherine street_edited.jpg

Catherine Street

Sometimes she feels like
The Lady of Shallott
Up there in her tower
Waiting for Sir Lancelot
To come riding down
Catherine Street

She works her long needles
To make mittens of lace
Her world in a mirror
Those clouds look so much like his face
Silently they say
It's too late It's too late

What if she dared
To turn herself around
Step out on the stair
Stand on solid ground
Take coffee and cake
Down on
Catherine Street

Would her heart crack
From side to side
Would she even survive
Would Sir Lancelot ride
Into her arms
Make love to her there
On Catherine Street?

6 something real.jpg

Something Real

Don't tell me
Like you're some kind of messiah
My wild eyed prophet
Standing there
With your soul on fire
Don't tell me like you know for sure
Because I know you don't

If you want me to believe you,
To see things as you do.
Show me beauty,

Beauty that lives between things;
Gold in the shattered seams
The mended wings.
Your mess of wax and feathers
Falling through the night;
A rose exploding
Forever in the light,
Forever in the light,

If you want me to believe you
To see things as you do.
Don't tell me like you know for sure,
Because I know you don't.

Show me something, something, something real.
Show me something real ohhh
Show me how you feel ohhh
Show me, the way you feel

Show me the way you feel.

8 the light of day_edited.jpg

The Light of Day

Don't you ever
Don't you ever fall
Don't you be the one
To walk away
Believe me
In your darkest night
Ill be the one to call.

I will comfort you
Until the light of day
She comes shining
She comes shining
Sweet and grey
Across your morning window sill

When sorrow comes a calling
Like a midnight guest
Slipping between your sheets
And she won't let you rest

Like a lazy lover she cones
In colours blue and white
As beautiful and strange
As the sound of children's laughter in the night

When trouble come crawling
Right up close to you
And she whispers in your weary ear
About the one you cannot hold

She tells you love is cold
She tells you love is cold
But trouble's here instead
Tangled in your sheets across your empty bed.

Ill be there when it seems
That nothing, nothing, nothing can repair
your shattered dreams.
I will comfort you
Until the light of day
She comes shining, she comes shining, she comes shining
Sweet and grey
Across your morning window sill
And come she will.

10 a dark and breathing space_edited.jpg

A Dark and Breathing Space

I an like a soft dark moth
I dance, I spin, I fall.
In the electric night,
In the dark an breathing space,
Where you last have been;
Drawn to the warm traces of your skin.
You know I'm going to let you in.

I am Like a moth;
I dance, I spin, I fall;
As you brush me by
The whisper of your pulse,
Beating pulls me in,
As surely as the tides
To your sweet and subtle skin.
You know I'm going to let you in,
You know I'm going to let you in.

I am like a moth;
Your creature that falls and flies,
You could keep me on a pin.
I fall, I dance, I spin.
Call my name out loud
And I'll wrap my swings around us
Like a shroud.
You know I'm going to let you in,
You know You're going to let me in
You're going to let me in.

12 the birchwood_edited.png

The Birchwood

When I was a soft dark moth
I'd slip unseen between
The shadows and the fading light
Oh love won't you melt into the night

When I was a silk winged owl
I'd lift my round bright eyes and howl
My feathery joy to the mouse boned moon
Oh darling don't the daytime come too soon

When I was a moss eyed doe
Oh I'd graze down where the lichens grow
Wild as the birch trees in the wood
And gone like the ghost of a love when it's done

When I was a nightingale
I'd the prettiest songs and the tiniest tail
The littlest feet in the pale leaf-light
Oh darling don't you love the night

Oh Oh Oh don't you love the night

Oh darling don't you love the night

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